Partner plus

Become part of our Paris organization


  • Studio/apartment, located in luxury  international area in Paris (Paris district 8 or 6)

 France Partner services

  • A platform of recruitment of French hairstylists with the aim of working abroad
  • Recrute and train high-quality manpower
  • Fidelise quality staff


  • To create one & unique  place  for all clientele of  french hair salons that operate overseas .
  • To welcome all international clientele thats lives or travel in Paris.

Brand recognition

  • Add value to your brand by having address in Paris
  • Dispay of your salon brand at the entrance to the salon

Abroad salon partner services

  • Lifestyle training center to welcome foreign employees in Paris to be trained by professoionals with international skills.
  • Experience French lifestyle


Your valuable benefit

  • Link of les7mondes at the partner website as your salon reference address in Paris
  • A seat available for your star French hairdresser under French law freelance contract



Make some noise

How are we going to promote our business?

Getting featured with the brand VP

Excusive cooperation with the brand Vegetalement Provence and become their reference salon in Paris in the beauty magazine feature.


To attract clients who is looking for a salon in Paris online, we will acquire key words and promote the salon through SEO.

A qualified agency will help us with it.

Social media and Bloggers

We are planning to advertise and run accounts at the popular social media like Facebook and Instagram, as well as attracting popular local and French beauty bloggers to help us spread the word.


- World client loyalty program

-Monthly newsletter

-Participation at the World Hair Competition


How to cooperate with les7mondes?

We prepared main cooperation packages for you

Option 1

  1. Brand hosting
  2. Signage of your brand logo at the entrance of the studio
  3. Incorporate your brand link to all the online marketing activities and events
  4. Advice and drive the clientele to your local salon abroad
  5. Including all the marketing activities



Cost of the option 1= 300euro/month


Yearly payment

* There is no brand exclusivity for your country or city on this option

Option 2

  1. Includes all services of Option 1
  2. Training and Itinerance

a) Training platform for french hairstylists to perfect technics and the latest trends

b) One month training once a year

c) Employee remunerated by Les7mondes

*Only available for the French passport holders

*Salary based on the qualification and French law

*No accomodation provided

d) A seat available for your star French hairdresser under French law freelance contract




Charged about 30% of the service fee done


Cost of the option 2 is equal to option 1, 300 euro/month plus administration and accounting cost for manpower about 200euro/month.


Total 500 euro/month

Yearly payment

Option 3

  1. Includes Option 1
  2. Internship and recruitment servic
  • Recruitment service for manpower sent abroad
  • 3-5 day internship for local brand employees with language interpreter


Cost of option 1= 300 euro/month

Recruitment fee = 300 euro/year fee with no limit of number of employees

Two time internship = 1000euro/per 1 intern


Total 1 600 euro/month

Yearly payment

Possible benefits

  • Retail of your brand hair product